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REVIEW: Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion

After making waves throughout the UK and the rest of Europe earlier this year with Life in Cartoon Motion, Beirut-Paris-London native Mika rides the recent crest of “next-big-thing” artists from the UK to splash onto U.S. shores. If you’ve heard Mika’s memorable first single, “Grace Kelly”, you already know he sounds a lot like Freddie Mercury and wears the influence like a badge of honor, even name-checking the late front man of Queen in the first verse. Mika vacillates between the affected theatricality of Mercury’s full-throttled voice and his own strong falsetto on “Grace Kelly” where he earnestly implores “Why don’t you like me?” no less than 12 times. So Mika wants to be liked and he’ll go “identity mad” until the object of his affection (audience? record company? love interest?) takes notice. Mika’s natural affinity for pop songwriting and impressive vocal talents ensures that he will be noticed even without the obvious influences that populate Life in Cartoon Motion...
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