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Cartoon There She Is... DDautta  
An amazing looking Korean music video. Extremely cool looking. Give it a chance. Rating 10/10
Cartoon Trogdor the Burninator  
Quirky, funny, popular movie about a dragon with beefy arms. Don't ask questions, just watch 9/10
Cartoon Xombie: Chapter 2   NEW
The beginning of what is now, without hyperbole, the most well crafted Flash series online. 9/10
Cartoon Xombie: Chapter 3   NEW
Rating: 9.5/10
Cartoon Xombie: Chapter 4  NEW
Rating: 10/10
Cartoon Xombie: Chapter 5 | Reel 1    NEW
Rating: 9/10
Cartoon Xombie: Chapter 5 | Reel 2   NEW
Rating 9/10
Cartoon Artificial High 3   NEW
4 Flash artists mash up 4 videos to the tune of NoFX's Linoleum.  Why all the blood though?  8.5
Cartoon The Maxwell Edison Story     NEW
1 of the slickest fan music videos I've seen. This one for The Beatles Maxwell's Silver Hammer 8.5
Cartoon -LHSM-    NEW
Well made, complicated music video based on the Gorillaz song "Left Hand  Suzuki Method" 8
Cartoon Ed The Robot - Junk Box    NEW
Clever short w/a lot of heart --unique among most flash author's immature, scatological humor 7.5

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Game Magnetism   NEW
Don't let the drab graphics fool you. So addictive, you'll miss  important meetings. Rating: 9.5/10
Game Warthog Launch   NEW
Well executed idea makes this simple, Halo based game ultra addictive. 9/10
Game Inverse Shooter
One of those old flying/shooting games, but you're the one working the defenses. Big fun! 8/10
Game Punk-o-matic (PunkOMatic)  
Make your own punk songs amazing things can be done. Check it out even if you don't like punk 9
Game Rong
Round pong. Extremely addictive. One/two players. Deep and strategic. Excellent. 9.5/10

GOOD MOVIES -- PAGE 1 -- PAGE 2 -- PAGE 3 -- PAGE 4 -- PAGE 5
Cartoon Space Oddity   NEW
Toughtful, touching music video of David Bowie's Space Oddity. Rating: 8/10
Cartoon Milkshake   NEW
Clever parody using a lounge version of Kelis's ubiquitous club hit Milkshake. Rating 7/10
Cartoon Michael Jackson Interview 3
3rd part of a parody of the world famous Micheal Jackson Interview. You'll love it or hate it 7/10
Cartoon Strong Bad Email: English Paper  
Strong Bad helps kids all over the world learn how to write High School English papers. 8/10
Cartoon Strong Bad Email: Japanese Cartoon  
Strong Bad explains what it would be like to be in a Japanese cartoon. Rating: 7.5/10
Cartoon Strong Bad Email: Children's Book  
Strongbad rewrites the children's book, "Everyone is Different," with mixed results. Rating: 7/10

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Game Swedish Saveloy
Reminiscent of the classic LucasArts point and click adventures. Very cool. Rating 8/10
Game Kung Fu   NEW
2D fighting game w/detailed original sprites. Very cool if you're into that sort of thing. 6.5/10
Game Demonic Defence 3    NEW
Spiritual successor to Defend Your Castle with different modes and a  steeper difficulty slope. 7/10
Game The Dead Case 
Another adventure game. Play as an undead skeleton. Solve puzzles scare people. Rating: 7/10
Game Super Smash X   NEW
Multiplayer Flash reimagining of Super Smash Brothers. Must have two players 7.5
Game Everbound: QFF    NEW
Very low quality presentation, but intreresting parody of RPG games. An aquired taste. 6.5/10

Cartoon Rokemon!  
I'm not quite sure if it's a parody or a homage to Pokemon. Well made, excessively long.  6/10

Game X227 The Game Retail
Shooter w/overly long title, good graphics, and annoying contrived attitude. Fun but soulless. 6.5
Game Marble Mayhem
Roll the marble toward the goal in a game reminiscent of the classic Marble Madness Rating: 6.5
Game Box Battle
Move blocks from up to down in a puzzle that gets bigger and harder with each level. Rating 7/10
Game Mario Starcatcher 2   NEW
Fun not-too-challenging platformer using Mario sprites, music and backgrounds. Rating: 6.5
Game Midnight Strike    NEW
Standard action side scroller: the type that you bought on Nintendo but never played. Rating: 6.5
Game Rumble Ball    NEW
Mindless, no time limit, kind of pointless. Great physics makes it  a alright time waster. 6/10
Game Battle Snake    NEW
Snake w/lazers & buzzsaws but without anything to collect. Wait a minute, this isn't snake. 6.5
Game Coffee Tycoon   NEW
Relatively detailed simulation game. All the events seem very distressingly random. Rating: 6/10
Game Trogdor the Burninator Companion Game  
Companion game to the Trogdor flash movie. Clever old school presentation, gets repetive 5/10
Game Flash Strike    NEW
Generic shooter based on Counterstrike. Amp up the difficulty to hard and there's fun to be had. 6
Game Super Mario Rampage   NEW
Pointless, but nonetheless popular game. Mario w/a gun takes on the Mushroom Kingdom 5.5
Game Space Invaders
The classic gets new life online. Good for one or two tries then gets old real quick. Rating: 4/10
Game D-fence 2 !!    NEW
A mix between Defend Your Castle and real time strategy games. Succeeds  as neither. 6/10
Game Ultimate Dodgeball
It's dodgeball and it's ultimate. What more can I say? Rating: 4/10

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