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When you are visiting (the News And Entertainment Network) we want you to know that we respect your privacy. Rarely, if ever, will we ask for any personal information, but if we do, we won't sell your information out to a third party. Not even if they bribe us with chocolate covered supermodels.

In the event that we ever ask for any personal information, rest assured that it will only be used by the people of the News And Entertainment Network (and sometimes by that weird guy who sleeps on our couch). We may also track the Internet addresses of our visitors and analyze this data for trends and statistics, however this information alone will not allow us to identify who you are.

All of's pages use "cookies," files that download themselves to your computer when you go to a website. Do not fret, almost all websites use these, and you've probably downloaded hundreds of them without knowing. Cookies help us recognize our visitor's user preferences and track our visitor stats. You can set your web browser to notify you when you are receiving a cookie and choose to reject it, or even turn your cookies off all together (but there is really no logical reason you would want to). To summarize, don't be afraid of the cookie monster (oh man do I crack myself up).

Our website contains links to several websites that are not operated by the News And Entertainment Network. We make no representations about the privacy practices of these third party sites.

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