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No Innocent Victim -- Tipping The Scales (Victory Records)

BIO: No Innocent Victim is an unstoppable unification of traditional hardcore converged with the brutality of metal and new school hardcore. They bridge and reinforced the gap between bands such as Sick Of It All and Hatebreed. No Innocent Victim is now ready to release their fifth album overall and second for Victory Records.

This CD was a huge disappointment; a selected few of the tracks are satisfactory, but the rest should have gone in the trash bin until they got better material. One track in particular, Forward, doesn't even resemble music, and is supplemented by the incoherent ramblings of what sounds like a man on speedballs. Listening to the first 2 minutes of Forward under your own free will is like pulling your own teeth with pliers. You can do hardcore more musically, rhythmically, and melodically than anything on Tipping The Scales gives any impression of -- case in point Time: The Destroyer.

The Bottom Line: The only innocent victims here are anyone who buys this CD, and myself who had to not only listen to it repeatedly, but also write a review of it to tell you how awful it was. I know they can do more than what they have here, better luck next time.
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