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Maktub -- Khronos   (Ossia Records 2002)
by Randy Krbechek

Maktub is a Seattle based band with a funk-and-soul grove. Based in Seattle, the combo has a solid sound, highlighted by a psychedelic cover of Led Zeppelins' "No Quarter."

Maktub (pronounced Mock-tube, Arabic for "It is written") consists of Reggie Watts on lead vocals and synthesizer, Kevin Goldman on bass, Davis Martin on drums, Daniel Spils on Hammond B3 organ and synthesizers, and Thaddeus Turner on acoustic and electric guitar.

Watts has an impressive voice, such that Khronos has to be taken seriously. While the second half of the album gets into a deeper grove, the early part is more playful, such as the Prince-inspired "You Can't Hide" and the impressive, silky soul of "We Got Desire."

Maktub has sometimes been described as "new soul," a label that is not unfair. There's a steady grove on Khronos.

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-- Randy Krbechek
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