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Cartoon Angry White Boy Polka 
An absolutely must-see music video of Weird Al Yankovich's new song. Very clever Rating: 9.5/10
Cartoon Star Wars Gangsta Rap 2
Just as good as the original with more Star Wars cameos. Rating: 8.5/10
Cartoon Madness Combat 2: Redeemer
The second installment of Madness Combat. The insanity brought tears to my eyes. Rating: 9/10
Cartoon Madness Combat 3: Avenger
The third, quite possibly last installment of Madness Combat. Great ending. Rating: 9.5/10
Cartoon Xiao Xiao 7 
Part one of a stylish, clever, multi episode series with a cliffhanger ending. Rating: 7.5/10
Cartoon Xiao Xiao 8 
Part two. Just as clever as the first episode, and this one has a auto chase. Rating: 8/10
Cartoon The Matrix Has You 
Six Matrix parodies of varying qualities - overall pretty funny. Slick DVD style setup. Rating: 7/10
Cartoon Smoke Kills
Outstandingly clever, great animation, great music. Refreshing, enjoyable lightheartedness  8/10
Cartoon FBI: Paris Hilton Sex Tape
FBI watchdog, Agent Simms, gives the lowdown on the scandalous Paris Hilton Tape  7.5/10
Cartoon Like Jailbait?
Agent Simms first expose into our seedy culture of "perverts" and "pedophiles". Rating: 7/10
Cartoon College University Episode 1
Mike and Parks on their way to College University. First episode with bigfoot! Rating: 7/10
Cartoon College University Episode 3 Part 1
Mike and Big Jim go to buy books at the College University bookstore. Rating: 7.5/10
Cartoon College University Episode 3 Part 2
Parks and Bunny meet up with Kung Fu Karl, while Mike and BJ shop. Rating: 8/10
Cartoon College University Episode 3 Part 3
The Finale. Gorp makes a guest appearance. Rating: 7.5/10
Cartoon College University Episode 4 Part 1
The Christmas special. Mike and Parks go skiing. Rating: 8.5/10
Cartoon College University Episode 4 Part 2
The Christmas special's big finale. Rating: 8.5/10
Cartoon College University Episode 5
Mike and Parks have a party at their dorm. Rating: 8.5/10
Cartoon College University Episode 6 Part 1
The guidance counselor scene could be the greatest in CU history. Rating: 8/10
Cartoon College University Episode 6 Part 2
Kung Fu Karl has the grand opening of his new after hours club, Klub Karl. Rating: 8/10

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Game Ultimate Flash Sonic
Best Flash representation of Sonic the Hedgehog ever. 4 characters, lots of new levels. 9/10
Game Rong
Round pong. Extremely addictive. One/two players. Deep and strategic. Excellent. 9.5/10
Game Extreme Mini Golf  
Crazy physics and gravity makes this more challenging than most. Rating 8/10
Game Crimson Warfare 
A moderately addictive Real Time strategy game. You'll either love it or leave it. 7.5/10
Game Sim Girl (SimGirl) 
Try to get saucy cartoon girls to go on dates with you. Extremely odd, but people request it.  7/10
Game Love Hina sim date RPG  
Inspired by Sim Girl, a sequel starring characters from the Love Hina Anime series. Weird.  8/10
Game Bush Shootout 
GW Bush and Condoleeza Rice defend the White House. High action and cinematic. Rating: 8/10
Game Johnny Rocketfingers
Choose your own adventure drenched with action and style. Very, very cool. Rating: 9/10
Game Madness Interactive
The famous Madness Combat movie now has it's own companion game. Looks good, plays well.
Game Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest
Varied gameplay, high production values, and Power Puff girls. Very addictive. Rating: 8/10
Game Mario World: Overrun 
Mario uses high tech weaponry to defend Toadstool and Peach's castle. Fun results. Rating 7/10
Game Surf Point Blue
Fast paced little game, good to waste a few minutes with. Great soundtrack. Rating: 7/10

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Cartoon Birdthingy    NEW
Beautiful painterly style. Good use of still-frame animation. 7.5/10
Cartoon Badgers (Badger, Mushroom, Snake)  
Badgers, a mushroom, and a snake. Taking the internet by storm. Tell all your friends. 6/10
Cartoon GI Joe: The Other Half
Knowing is half the battle, this movie explains the other half. Good voice acting. Rating: 7/10
Cartoon 99K
This movie was designed to be the best flash movie under 100Kbs. It has succeeded. Rating: 7/10
Cartoon Pssst
#4 in the series of Muffin Films. This is what happens when muffins start talking. Rating: 7/10
Cartoon Redemption Clock: Ineffable Pie
If you don't know what clock movies are, you should watch this and find out. Excellent graphics, so-so sound. Rating: 6/10

GOOD GAMES -- PAGE 1 -- PAGE 2 -- PAGE 3 -- PAGE 4 -- PAGE 5
Game Field Command     NEW
Too much memorization, but it's a fun war strategy premise and well executed. 7/10
Game Defend Your Castle
Ultra repetitive, ultra addictive, but still ultra popular flash game. No idea why it's so popular 6.5
Game Polar Rescue
Sidescrolling adventure staring a penguin. Reminds me of the good old Genesis days. 7.5/10
Game Battleships
Like Battleship the boardgame. Nice interface compared to other Flash Battleships. Rating: 7/10
Game Clubby the Seal 
A side scrolling seal named Clubby clubs evil eskimos. A+ graphics, but the framerate chugs. 6.5
Game Rocketman
Average graphics, with gameplay thats extremely unique. You'll get hooked even though its a demo. Rating: 6.5/10
Game Balloon Duel     NEW
Complex one player experience more complex than it has to be. Multiplayer is saves it 6.5/10

Cartoon The Muffinless
The 10th Muffin Film. It's sad sight to see a boy without a muffin. This movie proves it. Rating: 6/10

Game Flash Ping Pong  
Deceptively simple, yet surprisingly addictive flash ping pong game. Lame graphics/sound. 7/10
Game Fleabag Vs Mutt
Not as good as Fortress Game, but this one's in English and has 3 difficulty levels. Rating: 6/10
Game JetPac
Fun little jet pack game. Nothing too spectacular. Music gets annoying but can turn off. 6/10
Game Maganic Wars Final     NEW
Easy to get into Magic the Gathering style card game. Gets too difficult too quickly. 6/10
Game Lunatic     NEW
Too difficult and not rewarding enough to be addictive, but a fun premise. 6/10
Game Sparks: Recharged     NEW
Mostly a test of memorization instead of puzzle solving and reflexes. 4/10

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