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Moby, Play: The B-Sides (V2 Records 2000)
by Randy Krbechek

On the heels of the brilliant Play, V2 Records has issued a limited-edition box set, containing the platinum-selling album, together with a full CD of B sides and alternate versions made during the recording of Play. Save your shekels - while The B-Sides contain the ambient flavor of the parent disc, fans will be disappointed.

Play was a glorious album, a fusion of rock, techno, and street beats. Moby walks the talk, and built his success by grassroots efforts, not hype. Yet the performer has not steered an even course; earlier efforts vary widely.

Moby has nothing to prove with the new collection. Explains the artist, "The B-Sides is a collection of songs that weren't quite appropriate for Play, but that I still love enough to release as B-sides. Some of these songs might not be instantly accessible, but I (immodestly) think they are all quite special."

A few tracks have a cool groove, like "Memory Gospel" and "Sun Spot." What's disappointing is that The B-Sides are available only as part of the two-disk set (paired with Play). Loyal fans should not be forced to buy both albums just to get The B-Sides.

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-- Randy Krbechek
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