Electric Frankenstein Interview

In expectation of their new release, "Annie's Grave" we caugth up with Sal Canzonieri rhythm  bass of Electric Frankenstein to ask him about the band and its influences. Submitted for your approval is the Electric Frankenstein interview :

NAE: How did you first get involved with music and the band?

Sal: I've been playing in bands since I was 15 years old, playing guitar. I started out doing Alice Cooper, Bad Company, Kiss, and later Punk Rock bands (this is around 1975!).  I started Electric Frankenstein in 1991, because I wanted to hear a real rock n roll band that was souped up with punk rock infusion but there wasn't any back then so I did it myself.
NAE: It says in your bio that Electric Frankenstein has been on almost 20 different record labels, how has that affected how you have made and distributed your music through the years?

Sal: It has made us have to record a lot more stuff, but that has been to our advantage, as I can be sure that at least one EF record is in every record store in the world (and they are!).  We have sold over 100,000 records this way and that never would have happened if I was only on one label. Just think of the promo we are getting with the help of 20 different labels!  That's why we have been in almost every music publication out there in some way.
NAE: How would you describe your style of music and what other bands or artists would you compare yourselves to?

Sal: We play High Energy Rock N Roll, similar to EF are: Supersuckers, Gaza Strippers, AC/DC, Kiss, Dead Boys, NY Dolls, etc.
NAE: Do your songs have a message to them, if so, explain?

Sal: Yes, that life is short so make the most out of it by enjoying it and doing the most you can to make the world better.
NAE: Are there any bands or musicians who you would like to, or are planning to, collaborate with?

Sal: We are trying to do a song or two with Joey Ramone as guest singer. We also would like to tour with Social Distortion.
NAE: Any Final Words?

Sal: Support real rock n roll!
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