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Music from Malcolm in the Middle
by Randy Krbechek

Malcolm in the Middle is the new comedy hit for Fox TV. Airing on Sundays, it follows the escapades of Malcolm (Frankie Muniz), his uptight dad, Hal (Bryan Cranston), and his dead-on modern mom, Lois (Jane Kaczmarek).

The Malcolm in the Middle soundtrack is aimed directly at a teen audience, with alternative pop and hints of rebellion. Naturally, the album opens with the hits theme song, "Boss of Me," performed by the New York combo, They Might be Giants.

The album draws from a broad-based selection of alternative pop, including Eagle-eye Cherry ("Been Here Once Before"), the muted pop of Travis ("We Are Monkeys"), and the electrified Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies ("Right Place, Wrong Time").

Also appearing are newcomers Citizen King with the smooth groove of "Bizarro," teen favorites Hanson on "Smile," and the oddball hit, "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex. Finally, vocals from the show are sampled on The Dust Brother's "I Just Don't Care."

Says Malcolm in the liner notes, "Okay, they only gave me a little space here, so please listen . . . It's all a giant con! I know I play a rebellious kid on TV. But hey, that's my friggin job. I'm only doing it for the money, which by the way doesn't grow on trees."

Like the Sopranos album, it's hard to call Malcolm in the Middle a real soundtrack. Your kids will like this collection from the show.

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-- Randy Krbechek
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