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Game Wink in The Princess Stealing Dragon   
Such a beautiful, fascinating character and game. The guy from 99k.  10/10
Game Demonic Defence 4   NEW
New animation, complex spell system and stats. There's even a save  feature! Rating 10/10
Game Kitten Cannon!    
Just like the name says, shoot a kitten out of a cannon. Simple, with such infinite replay value. 9
Game ROFLattack   NEW
Fly the ROFLcopter against waves of LOLLERskaters and LMAOplanes in a heliATTACK parody 9
Game Squares    NEW
Drag a square around. Collect black squares. Avoid red ones. 9.5! What? Rating: 9/10
Game The Black Knight   NEW
Smash peasants with giant maces. Amazing graphics. Easy but rewarding.  Rating: 8.5/10
Game Hapland    
A puzzler. You'll love it or hate it. There's no in between. But you have to play it once 10/10
Game Hapland 2   
If the first Hapland was too hard for you, you're in luck. This one is harder. 10/10
Game Retronoid FS   
Breakout/Araknoid to the nth level.  You'll never play another version again. Rating 10/10
Game The Legends of Hiro   NEW
Good looking RPG with a sense of humor. Finally, an RPG that doesn't take it self seriously. 9
Game Naruto Dating Sim   
Just another anime dating sim. You keep asking for them, so we supply. Rating 8/10
Game De Animator   NEW
Simple shooter, styled off of HP Lovecraft writings. Very satisfying graphics. Rating: 7.5/10

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Game Brink of Alienation 2   NEW
Story driven side scolling shooter. Not amazing, but better than 90% of more generic shooters  7
Game Chinese Checkers   
A slick looking chinese checkers game with a more than passable AI.  Rating: 8/10
Game Colosseum Blackjack    
It's Blackjack. AI doesn't cheat like most Flash Blackjack, or at least not as much. Rating: 8/10
Game Gold Miner   NEW
As fun as that claw machine in the back of Walmart you tried to win a stuffed walrus from. 7/10
Game The Orc Ring   
Interesting, much appreciated twist on memory games. Rating 7.5
Game Dynasty Street  
Another stick kung-fu fighting game. Great graphics/good presentation. Tries to hard . Rating 7/10
Game Take to the Streets    NEW
Final fight like beat-em-up with hilariously inept digitized characters  and lots of options. 7.5
Game Hedgehog Catapult  
Interesting game. You'll either love the challenge or hate it. Gets hard, quickly. Rating: 6.5/10
Game Motherload   NEW
Challenging resource collection game. As frustrating is as it is rewarding. Good time waster. 6.5
Game Ant City  
Not as much of a game as it is a fun little time waster. Play it once then send to a friend. 6.5/10

GREAT MOVIES -- PAGE 1 -- PAGE 2 -- PAGE 3 -- PAGE 4 -- PAGE 5
Cartoon Island Invasion  
Super cool, super stylish action spoof. Definitely worth watching.  Rating 9.5/10
Cartoon The Amazing Adam Android  
Starts out slow but ends brilliantly. Fun, lots of action, and  surprisingly lots of heart. 8.5
Cartoon Where do clams come from    NEW
Beautifically animated story with a twist and a message. Rating: 8.5/10
Cartoon Mario Kart Underground   
Funny parody combing Mario Kart and Need For Speed: Underground. Worth a replay. 8.5/10
Cartoon Email!!
Hand drawn and well animated film festival entry. Doesn't make that much sense but that's ok 8
Cartoon Banana Phone     NEW
Too much cursing, but otherwise funny. Ring, ring, ring... Banana Phone. Rating: 8/10
Cartoon Combat Instinct: Unregulated  
Space battle with convincing 3-D effects and a lot of tension. Not much plot. Rating: 7.5/10
Cartoon Valhalla Knights  
Stylish action movie. Get's slow toward the end, but the intro is worh the price of watching. 7/10
Cartoon Star Warz - Thingie    NEW
One of the more astute Star Wars:RotS parodys that are so popular now.  7.5/10
Cartoon Star Wars Transitions   
Short and topical. Did anyone else notice all of those annoying transition effects in SW:RotS. 6.5

GOOD MOVIES -- PAGE 1 -- PAGE 2 -- PAGE 3 -- PAGE 4 -- PAGE 5
Cartoon Street Fighter Vs. Mortal Kombat   
Sweet, well coreographed battle scene sandwiched between so-so dialogue. Rating: 7/10
Cartoon Mask    NEW
Anime influenced action sequence sans plot. Another film festival entry which means quality. 7.5
Cartoon Walk-Smash-Walk   
Cool movie based on an industrial song. Give it a little time, because it starts slow. Rating: 7/10
Cartoon Mega Man vs. Quick Man   
Pretty good action, but not thrilling until the end. Everyone remembers fighting quick man. 6/10
Cartoon Drama In The Kitchen   NEW
Simple, cute little story. Odd aesthetic choices: 3-D? camera spins?  Rating: 6.5/10

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