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Shoot For The Sky
Interesting take on the everyday aim/fire the cannon game. Highly entertaining. 8/10
Ultimate Potato
Twich action arcade dodge/shoot-em-up. Play as a potato. With guns. Fight watermelons. 10/10

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Cartoon Madness Apotheosis   
4th installment of the Madness series, and it only gets better. More carnage and better graphics. 9
Cartoon Mega Happy Flash Battle
Anime parody that's funny even for non fans. Captain Crunch, Transformers, and Godzilla. 9.5/10
Cartoon Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Special Edition  
A remake of the old Star Wars Gangsta Rap video, with all new graphics. A must see. 10/10
Cartoon Surface   
Not the best animation but one of the deepest most realized story in Flash today. 9.5/10
Cartoon I Just Want To Get A Nap    
Well paced, slick animated music video for a song that parodies Metal  songs. 8/10
Cartoon Star Warz Gangsta Rap Video
One of the most popular flash movies on the Internet. I'm sure you've already seen it. 8.5/10 
Cartoon The Mystery Of Britney Spear's Breasts
The movie raises some startling questions. Watch and find out what they are. Rating: 7.5/10
Cartoon Behind the Music that Sucks: Backstreet Boys
A parody of the VH1 "Behind the Music" series. A must see. Rating: 9.5/10
Cartoon Bob The Ball    
A fractured children's book story about a boy, his ball, and pirate nazis. Rating: 9/10
Cartoon Adam Android Strikes Back: Special Edition    
First episode in the highly kenetic Adam Android series. Clever action sequences. Rating: 8/10
Cartoon Xiao Xiao 3
3rd in the Xiao Xiao series.The craziest, physics defying kung-fu ever from stick figures. Rating: 10
Cartoon Xiao Xiao 5
The fifth addition to the Kung-Fu fighting Xiao Xiao series. A must see. Rating: 9.5/10
Cartoon Irrational Exuberance (Yatta)
Some will say it's worst movie they've seen, others the best. Here's our consensus. Rating: 10/10

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Game wpnFire    
Amazingly addictive stick figure shoot-em-up. Bonus modes are fun but main game excels. 10/10
Game Warbears   
Stylish and funny point-and-click style puzzle game. Difficult because of a lack of clues. 7.5/10
Game Special Mission    
Slick Metal Slug style-side scroller. Too bad it's in Chinese. Click the middle button to begin. 8
Game Tactical Assassin     
Story driven sniper game. Excellent in tone and execution of the idea. 9/10
Game McDonald's videogame   
Run a McDonalds store, keep your corporate image up and supply chain running smoothly. 8.5/10
Game Curveball
It's like 3D pong, but better! Because it's 3D! Rating: 10/10
Game Ultimate Potato 
Twich action arcade dodge/shoot-em-up. Play as a potato. With guns. Fight watermelons. 9/10
Game Hellfire 
Devil May Cry styled shooter with infinite fun potential with survival mode. Some code errors. 9/10
Game Proximity   
Not as slick looking as Hexxagon, but twice as deep and strategic. Be sure to read the directions 9
Game Flash Chess
Probably the best version of Online flash chess on the Internet. Rating: 9.5/10
Game Alien Hominid
Sidescrolling shooter from the creator of Newgrounds. Very stylish. Rating 9/10
Game Bloody Rage
The best Flash fighting
 game online. Play as Lara Croft, Spiderman and more Rating: 9/10
Game The Way of The Exploding Stick
From the creator of Xiao Xiao. Excellent gameplay/animation. Better than XX 9. Rating 9/10
Game Xaio Xaio 9
A well made, but intensely difficult beat-em-up. Rating 8/10
Game Combat Instinct 1
Great game. First part of Combat Instinct series. Great graphics and story. 1.08 MB Rating: 8.5/10
Game Combat Instinct 2
Very cinematic. Presentation literally blows almost all other flash shooters away. 9/10
Game Combat Instinct 3
Almost twice as long  and still as good as CI 1 and 2. Large file size though -- 5mb. Rating 9.5/10
Game Mini Putt
The original Mini Putt mini golf game that started it all. Even lamer graphics than sequel 8/10
Game Mini Putt 2
The graphics might be lame but the gameplay is addictive. Waste time in your office. Rating: 8.5
Game Mini Putt 3   
Long awaited sequel to Mini Putt 2; much more challenging for veterans of the other 2. 9/10. 
Game Xiao Xiao 4
4th in Xiao Xiao series. Run and gun through a compound like Virtua Cop. Rating 9/10
Game Blasteroids
It's Classic Asteroids but better! Strategy mode is a must play. Rating 9.5/10
Game Hexxagon
A flawless remake of the addictive '96 DOS puzzle game. Rating: 9.5/10
Game online casino
You can find all sorts of games of chance here. Even play with real money!
Game Tetris
A classic, addictive time waster. Colorful, fast paced, lots of options. Rating 8/10
Game Fishy    NEW
Devour smaller fish while avoiding larger fish. Fun visual style. Deceptively addictive. 8/10
Game Cells II    
3 play modes. Dodge as the red blood cell, attack as the white and  duplicate as the germ 7.5
Game Dad 'n Me    NEW
Side-scroller from the creators of Alien Hominid. Great visual style. Cartoonish violence. 7/10

GOOD MOVIES -- PAGE 1 -- PAGE 2 -- PAGE 3 -- PAGE 4 -- PAGE 5
Cartoon Laid Off: A Day In the Life
An hilariously witty monologue from an unemployed guy. Bad animation though. Rating: 8/10
Cartoon Metal Gear Crisis 1.1    NEW
Great parody of the Metal Gear games. Lots of in jokes. Funny even for non gamers. 7/10
Cartoon Star Wars: Lo Mein
The last Star Wars movie, I promise. Vader and Emperor buy Lo Mein. Hilarity ensues. Rating: 7
Cartoon All Your Base Are Belong to Us
I have no idea why people are so interested in this movie. See for your self if you must. 7/10
Cartoon Dark Side Switch Campaign
A very short movie parody of those annoying Mac commercials. Pretty clever. Rating 6.5/10
Cartoon Resident Koopa: Outbreak
Resident Evil Online + Super Mario Brothers = Insanity. A parody of MMRPG players. 6.5/10
Cartoon Mario Twins
No plot, elementary characterization, noexistant story arcs, yet it has it's moments. Rating: 6.5/10
Cartoon Bang Bang Bang
Another Flash based on Group X, creators of Mario Twins. Strange in an amusing way. 6/10

GOOD GAMES -- PAGE 1 -- PAGE 2 -- PAGE 3 -- PAGE 4 -- PAGE 5
Game Middle Age Tamagotchi    NEW
Grow your pet from an egg instantly into a middle aged man. Shower, play the lotto, etc. 7.5
Game Etherena Beta    NEW
Multi tiered fighting game with limited AI. Best with two players. Rating:7.5/10
Game X Chains    NEW
Simple but addicting. Use the arrows and spacebar to operate the laser to explode the orbs. 7
Game Chaos Faction    
Difficult menus to get through, but 1 or 2 player Super Smash style game worth the wait 7/10
Game infect. evolve. repeat.     
Drag and drop your virus into red blood cells to infrect. Upgrades and enemies add complexity. 7
Game Electricman 2 HS     
Stick figure beat-em-up with enough creative moves to keep your attention for a little while. 6.5
Game Johnny Rocketfingers 2    
Point and click adventure sequel. Contains violent content. Rating: 7.5/10
Game online pokies game
You can play some games for fun, but here you play to win. Take some time out to make a wager
Game Orbit    
Oh you think it's so easy until you spend 15 minutes on level 9.  Rating: 8.5/10
Game Shoot For The Sky   
Interesting take on the everyday aim/fire the cannon game. Highly entertaining. 8/10
Game All Out
The object is to turn all the lights off. It's harder than it sounds. Rating: 7/10
Game Ninja Air Combat   
Your standard flying ninja horizontal scrolling shooter game. Cool old school style music/sound 7
Game Fortress Game
It's all in Japanese, but once you get through the menu it's great. 1 or 2player. Rating: 7/10
Game War On Terrorism: Spec Ops 2
A well made, visually impressive shooter. Good presentation and four levels make it a winner. 6.5
Game Customer Service
Text based game that puts intelligence, friendlyness, and negotiation skills to use. Rating: 7/10
Game Rigelian Hot Shots 
Simple game -- you guide a fireball through a cave. Fun for more than a few tries. Rating: 7.5
Game Neo Geo Bowling
A remake "Bowling" from Neo Geo, the console that few even knew exisited. Rating: 8/10
Game Ace Blackjack
Colorful graphics/large cards. Online blackjack without the risk to your credit card. Rating: 7/10
Game 2-D Boxing
2-D Boxing is three demensional fun. Rating: 7/10
Game Tsunami
Atmospheric first person shooter.  Rating 7/10
Cartoon 100 Grand
Not laugh out loud funny, but funny none-the-less. Rating: 4/10
Cartoon Work It Music Video
Music video for the Daft Punk electronica/dance hit "Work It". Rating 5/10
Game Where's the ball
The favorite game of street hustlers and Soviet factory workers. Rating: 6/10
Game Cutie Quake
Don't let the name fool you, this is a hardcore Quake-Themed shooter - starring eggs! Rating: 6
Game Matchplay Darts
A barebones darts simulation with incredibly hard AI opponents Rating: 6.5/10
Game Pacman 
It's Pacman, faithfully recreated without any of the new bells and whistles. Rating:  5.5/10

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