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Game Musco Morpha: Maggot in Distress   NEW
Awesomely animated incredibly hard side scroller. Good thing you have a lot of lives. 8/10
Game Reaktor   NEW
Match 3 of a kind with ever increasing odds. A lot deeper and more strategic than it looks. 8/10
Game RaidenX   NEW
Tribute to the Raiden arcade game but better... So many lives without putting in any quarters 8
Game Clash'N Slash v2   NEW
Planet defense game that's redeemed by cool weapons and planet upgrades.  7.5/10

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Cartoon Bunnykill 3 vol 1   NEW
Ultra violent, ultra cool. Even better than the Madness Combat movies. Slow beginning.  10/10
Cartoon Papalote++   NEW
Briskly paced Looney-Tunes-Buster-Keaton-esque action. Extrodinary. 10/10
Cartoon Madness Depredation   NEW
The Madness Combat movies keep coming and getting more and more brilliant. 9.5/10
Cartoon Bunnykill 2   NEW
The second installment of the spiritual successor to the Madness Combat series. 9/10
Cartoon Agent Ivory   NEW
Seems lame at first, but it has a great, clever, funny script. 9/10
Cartoon College University pt 10    NEW
Maybe the funniest, best animated College University yet. Get the entire series on DVD here. 9/10
Cartoon 3 3ast 3 3urious   NEW
Absolutely hilarious paraody of The Fast and The Furious movies. Great 3-D models. 8.5/10
Cartoon Hotdog Job: Part 1  
I'm always a fan of home made claymation. Even better when the movie is  actually funny. 8.5
Cartoon Hotdog Job: Part 2  
Thrilling conclusion to the first Hotdog Job movie. Funnier and better made than the first! 9
Cartoon Help I'm Stuck!    NEW
More Knox claymation. Image quality isn't as good as his newer movies, but it's just as funny. 8.5
Cartoon 21 OClock Street The Movie: Part 1    NEW
Truly epic parody of cop films. Very on target. The intro is kinda long though. 9/10
Cartoon 21 OClock Street The Movie: Part 2   NEW
The thrilling conclusion to the first movie. Very funny, but this one is a bit more crude. 8.5/10
Cartoon The Life of a Ninja 2   NEW
Not laugh out loud funny, but clever and fun all the way through. Length and quality. 7.5/10

GOOD GAMES -- PAGE 1 -- PAGE 2 -- PAGE 3 -- PAGE 4 -- PAGE 5
Game Onslaught    NEW
Survival mode gets pretty intense. I suggest you play that first.  Rating: 7.5/10
Game Adventures in the Jungle     NEW
Very good interactive movie in the vein of Dragon's Lair. Be prepared for horrid controls. 7/10
Game Weezer Jam Session   NEW
Fun dance dance revolution nod, with good song selction. Not too hard if  you're coordinated. 7
Game Turnaus   NEW
Two player only fighting game. Easy controls make for a good little office distration. 7/10
Game Bob the Blob - 3D    NEW
Interesting story and good sense of humor add life to this simple but  addictive game. 6.5/10
Game Catch A Crab 2   NEW
Confusing interface at first, the game only becomes more addicting as  you keep playing. 7/10
Game Roboxer 2   NEW
Robots meet Super Punch Out meets every other game with robot boxers. Rating: 6.5/10
Game Go Michael Go!   
Help Michael Jackson hide  evidence against him = Frogger mixed with a touch of pedophelia. 7
Game Super Mario Revived    NEW
Simple jump and dodge game using Mario sprites that gets really hard  really quick. 6.5/10
Game Sky Boarder III  
Deep shooter mixed with an RPG with great attention to detail. Lame graphics. 7.5/10

GOOD MOVIES -- PAGE 1 -- PAGE 2 -- PAGE 3 -- PAGE 4 -- PAGE 5
Cartoon Star Wars: Expendable Sith  
A very short short about the revolving cast of Sith Lords in the new  Star Wars movies. Rating: 7.5
Cartoon Arms    NEW
Plotless action short. Two stick figures fight a battle where the stakes  keep getting higher. 7/10

Cartoon The Ricky Ray Show Ep.1-1   
Sort of interesting from a dialogue/plot point of view. Sort of lame and meandering. 6.5/10
Cartoon Eatin' Toast   NEW
Eerie music and tone turn making toast into a sinister pastime. Rating:  7/10
Cartoon Cartoon Merry Melony ep.1   NEW
Creepy beautifully drawn first episode of a new series in progress.  Adequate cliffhanger end. 7/10
Cartoon TmsT's Zero Wing Rhapsody   
Most interesting All Your Base parody in a while... to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. 7/10
Cartoon Sanimations Reel  
Animation demo reel/music video set to the tune of Beck's Sexx Laws.  6.5/10
Cartoon She Freakin Blocked Me  
Semi-clever parody of She Hates Me made famous by suckcore band Puddle of Mudd. 6.5/10

Game Seraph    NEW
Like Sega's afterburner or any shooting games with mechs at a behind the back perspective. 6
Game Zwill   NEW
Brainlessly simple side scroller w/ so-so looks & "Just 1 more minute I swear" type addictiveness 6
Game Police Sniper 2  
It only get's interesting playing on the hard level. Rating: 6/10
Game Snow Fight 3.0    NEW
Terribly hard Snowcraft-like snowball throwing game. I can't get past the third level. Rating:6/10
Game The Adventures Of Guy: RPG    NEW
Good sense of humor. Worth something if you're not totally, utterly  bored by it. 5


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