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All About Trees: Caring for and Conserving

Trees are highly beneficial to the environment, both worldwide and on a local scale. In an urban environment, they consume carbon dioxide, emit oxygen, and produce shade. In addition, trees may help reduce urban heat islands that raise local temperatures during the summer. Trees also provide a habitat for various species of insects and larger animals. For all of these reasons and more, tree conservation is crucial to ensure that there is always a healthy number of trees. One can do their part to conserve trees by properly caring for and maintaining them. A part of providing the right care is to understand tree identification techniques, which include identifying leaves, fruit, and even bark. Unfortunately, there are times when it is necessary to remove a tree for the good of others or the environment. One may consider removing a tree if it has severe damage to the trunk or it is unhealthy and dying. Ideally, after a tree has been removed, one should plant another tree in its place.