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**** Fish -- Yin
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A two disc compilation of Fish's music from 1980-1995, Yin and Yang are mostly rerecordings. Obviously, all of the Marillion stuff had to be rerecorded, but Fish has taken a lot of his solo stuff and redone it as well. Unlike the "Acoustic Sessions" CD (which isn't all that good), most of the tracks that are remade are not all that far from the originals. A bit is an improvement, but most of the remakes don't stand up to the test against the originals. Of the two disks, Yin is a notch better because of the inclusion of three unique tracks -- "Best Friends", a duet with Sam Brown; "Institution Waltz", a 1995 recording of an unreleased Marillion track; and "Time and a Word", THE reason to find a copy of the "Outpatients" CD. "Time and a Word" features Steve Howe, who ironically wasn't a member of Yes when the original track was recorded. The rest is the hits of Marillion ("Incommunicado", "Incubus", "Lavender", "Kayleigh" and "Sugar Mice") and a fairly inclusive smattering of tracks from Fish's solo years.

Review by A. D. Jensen
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