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**** Pendragon -- the Window of Life

Those familiar with recent Pendragon will find a lot to like here. Typical of "the World" style (in fact, one might say that this could easily have been slapped onto the end of that to make a two disk set), there's the usual great keys by Clive Nolan, distinctive guitar stylings of Nick Barrett, as well as the typical Barrett vocals. One rather annoying thing, though -- in the "Skylight" part of "The Last Man on Earth", there's a complete passage which is ripped off note for note (and nearly word for word) from the Moody Blues' "New Horizons" on the "Seventh Sojourn" album. Don't ask me how I remembered that, but I'm surprised there wasn't legal action (which I suppose says more about the popularity of Pendragon than it does the prowess of the Moodies' lawyers.)

Review by A. D. Jensen
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