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***** Camel -- Warning: Camel on the Road, 1972

Music is pretty tough to come by in a natural disaster. For a couple of weeks, this was one of three CDs that I had, along with a battery powered portable player. At one point, it appeared that my entire collection was gone in the flood (not correct, fortunately). But what a CD to have -- if I can find a few more like this, I may have a new "favorite" band :-) The date, 1972, is probably incorrect, as that would predate all of the Camel studio CDs. This is four long tracks, "Lady Fantasy", "Six Ate", "White Rider" and "God of Light". Brilliant quitar and keyboard work abound throughout the album, Latimer's vocals on "Lady Fantasy" are top-notch, and I have new respect for Andy Ward's drumming. There are a number of "Camel on the Road" CDs, dating various periods, and I will have to get some more.

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