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The last time that I was stuck in California on a Friday night with nothing to do, I drove up to Stanford and went CD shopping. One of the results of that trip was a copy of "Fish Rising" by Steve Hillage, which I instantly fell in love with. Well, last week I was in Cupertino with nothing to do on a Friday night, so I went to CD Warehouse and picked up this, Hillage's only other album in the same vein as "Fish Rising". While it's still the same sort of Canterbury hippie music as the other this time out it's produced by Todd Rungren, and features a few guys from Utopia, so the Beatles influence is pronounced. Cross hippie tunes with some Indian/Japanese flavor and mix it like Abbey Road, and you have a feel for this album. I don't find it as good as "Fish Rising", but the difference is so slight it's hardly worth mentioning.

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