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*** Rammstein -- Sehnsucht

Interesting cross between metal and electronica that starts to all sound the same after repeated listening. The lyrics are all in German, with the exception of two "bonus tracks" (referred to as such because they aren't listed on the album), which are English versions of "Du Hast" and "Engel." Although I speak a smattering of German, I'm not able to pick up a lot of the lyrics, but that's not a big problem. Even so, both of the tracks that are in English are the best on the album, regardless of what language they're in. The vocals aren't the best, but not bad to the point of deterring from the listening experience. The music, for the most part, is heavy on guitars, with occasional interjections from a keyboard to give that techno feel. Recommended for fans of electronic dance music that are looking for a little more substance to the sound.

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