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** Various Artists-- Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

As someone who graduated from high school in 1980, I was exposed to more than my share of disco, whether I liked it or not. And as someone who likes a wide variety of music, I can say that there are some aspects of disco that I find tolerable, on a limited basis. Those aspects are all pretty much found here -- I like all of the Bee Gees tracks plus the lengthy version of the Tammps' "Disco Inferno", but the rest of it can be skipped without too much concern. This is a 76 minute CD, so it's stuffed to the gills -- as a converted double LP, they may have left something off to get it all on one CD, but I'm not missing whatever it might be. For what it's worth, I got this from the BMG record club because there were five CDs I wanted and you had to get seven to sign up.

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