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***** King Crimson -- Red

Great final release from John Wetton era King Crimson. Hard and heavy, mixed with some pretty jazzy bits reminiscent of "Islands", which I liked a lot. This is, like most pre-Discipline KC, is mostly instrumental, with some lyrics tossed in along the way. Wetton's best album as a bass player, this falls a close second behind "Larks Tongues in Aspic" as the best Crimson release. Looking back at the four vocalist eras of KC -- Greg Lake, Boz Burrell, Wetton and Adrian Belew, I'd have to rank them Wetton, Burrell, Lake and Belew, although ANYTHING this band does (well, maybe not "ThrakAttak" or "Schizoid Man" :-) is heads above most other music produced today. This is the "definitive edition", remastered by Fripp in 1989.

Review by A. D. Jensen
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