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** Crack the Sky -- Rare

This release doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Although the truly rare CtS (at least for me) is the first four albums, this is a compilation of a couple of John Palumbo solo albums and "Dog City", "Raw" and "From the Greenhouse", the last three CtS CDs. The rest are live tracks (from 1988), outtakes from Palumbo solo and three demo tracks from "Safety in Numbers". These 7 tracks are indeed rare, while the rest could be scared up without too much trouble. The "Safety in Numbers" songs are okay, but not up to the par of the original album, and the live version of "Let It Be" pales in comparison to the rollicking version of "I Am the Walrus", which can be found on "Live Sky". Chalk this up as a disappointing purchase from a pretty talented band.

Review by A. D. Jensen
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