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*** Ozzy Osbourne -- The Ozzman Cometh

Ozzy's greatest hits. Several tracks that I really enjoy from the Black Sabbath days, including demos of "Black Sabbath" and "War Pigs", as well as the expected dose of his solo career, including "Crazy Train" and "Mama, I'm Coming Home", two of the few Ozzy tracks I have developed a certain fondness for over the years. There's a bit of stuff featuring Randy Rhoads, but I've never really found him to be anything spectacular (although I haven't heard much, so could easily be wrong -- and if so, he isn't very well served with this release). This is a "limited edition" with a bonus disk that contains two more unreleased Black Sabbath tracks and a lengthy interview from 1988. As for the packaging, I'll say one thing -- if I was putting out a greatest hits package, I think I'd hunt around a bit to find a better looking picture to put on the back -- in this one, Ozzy looks like some kind of lobotomy patient.

Review by A. D. Jensen
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