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***** Radiohead -- OK Computer

A number of years ago, the limited number of cable offerings in Grand Forks forced me to watch MTV on a frequent basis. At the time, a "buzz clip" that they played quite often was "Creep" by Radiohead. I liked the track quite a bit, but apparently not enough to buy the album (Pablo Honey or something like that.) However, after this album started getting rave reviews on the Freaks mailing list and I saw and enjoyed the "Paranoid Android" video on M2, I made a point to pick it up. A lot of it borders on progressive, but not really a definable area of the genre. Most of the songs remind me of the Doors, the good songs, not the top 40 junk most people know them for. Based on reaction on the Freaks list, I would recommend it to a Marillion listener, and would add fans of the Doors and U2 to those who would enjoy this outing.

Review by A. D. Jensen
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