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**** Anekdoten -- Nucleus

There's an axiom in progressive rock circles - "If something sucks, listen to it a bunch of times before dismissing it." Here's a case in point. The first Anekdoten CD, vemod, was so great I jumped at the purchase of this, but when I first put it in, I quickly tossed it aside as being "too alternative". Don't know what I was thinking, because I put it on side two of a vemod tape I made a couple of months ago and listened to it over and over during my commute and learned to really like it. It's not as good as the first one, but it's still very nice. Dark and moody with lots of mellotron and keyboards. It doesn't seem to rock as much as the first one, but it's a great companion to that disk. Both are very reminiscent of the "Red" era of King Crimson, but extend it to the point that Anekdoten can't really be considered completely derivative.

Review by A. D. Jensen
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