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***** Camel -- Never Let Go

Released in 1993 to celebrate 20 years as a band, Camel's Never Let Go is really a celebration of one of their best albums, Dust and Dreams. Disk two of this set is a complete run through of that album, done as a four piece (Andy Latimer and Colin Bass, who have become the core of the band, and drummer Paul Burgess and Mickey Simmonds (ex-Fish) on keyboards.) The album comes off very well done live, and most of the atmospherics are presented nicely. Latimer is an extremely talented guitarist and that comes through quite clearly on this album. Disk One contains highlights of the older work, including a healthy dose of The Snow Goose. Over the years, Camel's constant personnel changes have resulted in some major ups and downs, but I would say that, as a respective, this album hits the high points nicely.

Reviews by A. D. Jensen
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