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***** Marillion -- Misplaced Childhood

The consummate "concept album". Fish regales his loss of innocence, indeed the loss of all childhood innocence. Contains the hit "Kayleigh", which is probably the limit of what most people have heard of this talented band, if even that. I'm a bit tired of that particular song, although it works well here, tucked between "Pseudo Silk Kimono" and "Lavender". Speaking of "Lavender", the single version of that song (available on the "Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other" compilation and sort of on "Made Again") contains Steve Rothery's best solo ever...too bad it's not heard more often. Anyway, "side two" of this album ("Waterhole"..."Childhood's End") represents some of the finest music this band has made. I'm not a big fan of "White Feather", which concludes the CD -- the song is ok, but it really doesn't fit into the rest of the album, and I find myself hitting "stop" to avoid it.

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