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**** Anekdoten -- From Within

Interesting contrast and similarities between this album and the Radiohead review which follows. Both are gloomy and glum, although the extensive use of a mellotron on this album makes it much more so. This Swedish band has always been indebted to Red era King Crimson, although it seems to be less and less the case with each new album. Bassist Jan Erik Liljestrom plays a huge role on this album, as his driving instrument glaringly punctuates almost every track. I know that Nicklas Berg as a vocalist has his share of detractors, but I think he does a great job. Best track for me is "The Sun Absolute," which is an almost painfully moody instrumental, but as a whole, the album comes together in a tribute to the colder side of the world. Perhaps not seeing the sun much of the year in Sweden has an impact, but I really think these guys ought to get out more! Not recommended for the terminally depressed.

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