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A free companion disc to last year's (traditionally, British Internet companies have used the '' extension, rather than the US '.com' extension) this cd doesn't include much that's new, but since it comes free with the purchase of '.com' (you have to mail away for it), it's a nice addition. There are three videos on the cd, "Deserve" (supposedly a live version, although it sounds like an exact duplicate of the studio version on .com), "The Bell in the Sea", with h and Pete Trewavas, and a really nice multi media interview section. The last two are also on the cd as audio only tracks. Beyond that, everything else is available on various Racket official bootlegs. Of special mention is a fantastic live version of "Berlin", an underrated song you don't hear much anymore. There's also acoustic versions of "Answering Machine" and "Afraid of Sunrise", plus electric "The Great Escape", "the Space" and "Afraid of Sunlight". On the CD-ROM portion, there are a variety of text and web links that give more information about the band and the last album. A very nice gift from one of the most generous bands around.

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