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*** Pendragon -- 9:15 Live

I have no idea what the title to this CD means. It's not 9 hours and 15 minutes long, no song is 9 minutes, 15 seconds, and it wasn't recorded on September 15. The CD, one of about 300 different Pendragon live releases, was recorded on the heels of the Jewel and before Kowtow, but with the lineup that would record "Kowtow" (i.e., includes Clive Nolan, godling of neo-prog keys). Several of the songs are from the Jewel, and the rest I've never heard of, which leads me to believe they're mostly tracks from the first Pendragon album. Not bad stuff, but more pop in the way of say, Saga, than the later progressive efforts like the World or Window of Life. "Alaska" is a standout (as it was on the Jewel), and the most pretty much runs together as pleasant, but not overly challenging, music.

Review by A. D. Jensen
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