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**** Dio -- The Last in Line

Like Holy Diver, this is some better than average heavy metal from the mid 1980s. Coming a year after the previous release, this had a really great video for the title track that ran on MTV a lot. For the former Black Sabbath and Rainbow vocalist, I consider this to be the peak of his career. A splendid mix of straight out rockers ("We Rock", "I Speed at Night") along with longer and more complex works (title track, "Egypt,") this is a must have for anyone who liked the heavier side of eighties "hair bands." Longtime Dio drummer Vinnie Appice (must be a relative of Carmine, I don't know) shows a flair for the dramatic and guitarist Vivian Campbell turns in an outstanding performance. Less keyboard emphasis than on Holy Diver, but it's still a nice addition where it can be heard.

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