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***** Marillion -- Script for a Jester's Tear (Remastered)

How do you make one of the best albums of all time better? Start by digitally remastering it (24 bit, although CD players can only handle 16 bits) so that it's crystal clear and sharp. Add in a second "bonus" disk with alternate takes ("Grendel", "Chelsea Monday", "He Knows, You Know" and two versions of "Market Square Heroes") and B-sides ("Three Boats Down from the Candy" and "Charting the Single"). Remaster most of the bonus disk. Add a 26 page booklet with notes from Fish, Mark, Pete, Mick Pointer and Mark Wilkinson, rarely seen artwork and photos taken by Steve Rothery. Get the advice of, then thank in the liner notes, the most rabid fans.

That's how you make perfection better.

Review by A. D. Jensen
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