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**** Save Ferris -- It Means Everything

I've got a slug of "Christmas CDs" to wade through -- here's another one. My wife was always a big fan of the Dexy's Midnight Runners song "Come On Eileen," so when I was in KMart one night and heard a cover version, I snagged the CD. As it turns out, she really didn't like the CD and gave it back, which is fine, as it's weird enough to appeal to me. This band is a mixture of 60's lounge music (lots of James Bondish influences here) and raunchy guitar music with female vocals that remind me of Nancy Sinatra. With a full time horn selection, one would expect a Chicago-like result, but guitarist Brian Mashburn injects enough metal tinged ax to temper such wimpiness. Yet another short CD that tracks in at about 35 minutes, about half of it is rerecordings of earlier songs.

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