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*** Kendra Smith -- Kendra Smith Presents: The Guild of Temporal Adventurers

I got this used last weekend for 5 bucks while in Boston. Pretty much more hippie music to go with the Gong CD I bought with it, but this is from 1992, so I guess the "Strawberry Alarm Clock" mentality (which this sounds like) is still around. Mostly keyboards and acoustic guitar, it's more psychedelic than progressive, and I suspect that it won't be of great satisfaction to either camp, although it did make Village Voice's top EP list of 1992, so I guess that someone out there is into this stuff. Parts border on gentle new age, but the majority is in the "let's do some mescaline and write some cool songs" vein of things. Oh, and since I like to gripe about short CDs, I'll point out that this tracks in at a whole 25 minutes.

Review by A. D. Jensen
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