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**** The Fixx -- Extended Versions

In spite of my reservations with the Styx -- Extended Versions album (see separate snippet), I got this at Best Buy for about six bucks. All of my Fixx albums are on vinyl, so it's been a while since I listened to them. This is a fairly nice overview of the band -- the first four tracks pick up the band's hits, "Stand or Fall," "Red Skies," "One Thing Leads to Another" and "Saved By Zero." The remaining six songs are lesser known songs, but all are pretty nice early 80s rock. I've always considered the Fixx to be the UK's answer to U2, as there's a lot of similarity in sound, but I've preferred the Fixx over U2, having been disappointed in the latter band's output after about 1983. All tracks on this album are recorded live, and much is the case with the Styx album, if it didn't say so on the cover, you'd hardly know, as there is little difference between these songs and their studio counterparts.

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