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*** Foreigner -- Double Vision

If ever there was a band that really cut a fine line between hits and duds, it would have to be these guys. Double Vision is a prime example of that -- the hits are fantastic ("Hot Blooded," "Blue Morning, Blue Day," "Love Has Taken Its Toll," "Spellbinder" and the title track) blends of Zepplin blues based rock and pop melodies, with just a hint of prog. However, everything else is not particularly interesting and comes across as filler material. Most of the good stuff here is included on one of the various "hits" collections, and I'd suggest opting for one of those instead. My original attraction to the band (way back in 1977) was the inclusion of former King Crimsonite Ian McDonald, but by the second album, his input was minimal, focus being on Mick Jones' over the top guitar and Lou Gramm's warbling. McDonald would hit the bricks after the next album, but the band continued down the road that had been traveled before by Bad Company and other heavy but melodic guitar bands.

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