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***** Pink Floyd -- Dark Side of the Moon

I just got in a copy of the movie "Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii"(*), which includes studio shots of Waters and Gilmour recording bits of this, so I trotted it out for a listen. I really, really like side one ("Speak to me" to "the Great Gig in the Sky"), but like Waters, I really tired of "Money", which kind of wrecks side two for me until "Any Colour You Like". This band made what I consider the greatest run in musical history from side two of Meddle ("echoes") to the first bit of Animals, six years later. With the possible exception of "Money" (which I really only dislike because I've heard it way too much), there's nothing but five-star material there. (* - Killer video, I might add. Out of print, though, so most places can't order it. I got mine from CDNow here on the net.)

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