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*** Various Artists -- To Cry You A Song (A Collection of Tull Tales)   

Yet another album I bought for one song, in this case "One Brown Mouse" by echolyn (which is not too bad or a track). This is a Jethro Tull tribute album, and I'm not a big fan of these things, which seem to come flying out of the Magna Carta bins as quickly as they can think up new artists to mimic. There are definitely highlights, including the original "A Tull Tale", Magellan's powerful cover of "Aqualung", John Wetton's vocals on "Nothing Is Easy" (much better than I've heard from him lately) and "New Day Yesterday", which features Robby Steinhardt of Kansas. Not a bad collection, but I wouldn't say that much here comes close to the originals. Original Tull guitarist Mick Abrahams checks in on about half of the songs.s around.

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