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When I was in college, a guy that lived in my dorm had come to UND from Baltimore, where he was in a band that occasionally opened up for Crack the Sky. He gave me taped copies of the early CtS albums, including this one. Since then, I have sought out the albums on CD, and until today was unable to track the early stuff down. Sadly, this was released on CD as a "two-fer", along with the fourth studio album, White Music, and in order to do this, the track "Mind Baby" was deleted. At any rate, I love this group. Progressive along the lines of Sgt. Pepper Beatles, and middle era Gentle Giant, the complex music is occasionally hampered by silly lyrics. "Ice" and "A Sea Epic" are two of my favorite songs of all time, although the extended version of "Ice" on "Live Sky" is better. Also contains "She's a Dancer", probably the closest thing to a hit this band ever achieved.

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