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***** Dream Theater -- Change of Seasons

Brilliant CD which is marred only by one small omission, which I'll explain at the end. This was released a while after Images and Words, which was a classic, but before Awake, which I really didn't like all that much. The big draw here is the 23 minute title track, which is very good. Dream Theater is an epic band and shows it here. For those unenlightened few, DT is a "progressive metal" band, probably the tops in that genre (since Queensryche doesn't figure so prominently anymore). This CD, and the track "Change of Seasons" in particular, should serve as a fine introduction to the heavier progressive sound. The remainder of the CD are live tracks recorded at a one-off show the band did at Ronnie Scott's in London. The show was all covers -- included here are songs from Elton John, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and the "Big Medley", with Pink Floyd, Kansas, Queen, Journey, Dixie Dregs (!) and Genesis. Sadly, although the show featured a number of guest stars (including Barney Greenway of Napalm Death, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and Steve Howe of Yes), the tracks with Steve Hogarth and Steve Rothery of Marillion are left off here (although they're available on a DT bootleg).

Review by A. D. Jensen
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