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*** Scorpions -- Best of Ballads and Rockers

Many years ago, a friend gave me a tape that he had compiled and called "Bone Crushing Metal". Along with what was at the time (~1985) pretty heavy stuff was a reggae-metal song that I really liked. After some looking around (the tape wasn't labelled) I found out that it was "Is There Anybody There" by the Scorpions. Cool song, which is unfortunately omitted here. The Scorps have long been known for mixing hard rock with melodic structure, and it's no better evidenced than here -- about half the songs are rockers in the '70s anthem sense, while the rest are the kind of stuff that got heavy metal on the radio in the 80's. The band had a heck of a run from 1979's "LoveDrive" through the 1984 release of "Love at First Sting", but I haven't heard much from them lately, so drag this out for a listen occassionally.

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