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**** Fish -- For Whom the Bells Toll

A live bootleg (official) from the Edinburgh Playhouse, New Year's Eve, 1991. Pretty decent sound (from a DAT off of the soundboard), this is one of Fish's better boots, suffering only from fairly limited song selection (14 songs, two of which came from a separate show). Marillion era tracks are limited to "Incubus" (a pretty good version), "Heart of Lothian" (probably required for a Scottish gig), "Forgotten Sons" and "Market Square Heroes". Otherwise, it's a good mix of Internal Exile and Vigil tracks. All of Fish's between-songs banter is left intact, as is a considerable chunk when the clock tolled midnight. If you're picking Fish bootlegs (there are an awful lot to choose from), I'd suggest this for the early period, Sushi and the one that should be coming from the 2000 US tour (based on a concert I heard online).

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