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**** The Chieftains -- the Bells of Dublin

Well, it's the Christmas season, and this is one of my favorite Christmas CDs. (Forgot to listen to my Elvis Christmas CD -- darn. Have to wait for next year, I guess.) Most of my Christmas CDs are at home, but I keep this one in the office, because it's nice to listen to at other times of the years. The Chieftains are a bunch of old guys from Ireland who play celtic music, often with members of the rock and roll community (I just saw a Roger Daltrey concert on tv and the Chieftains popped by to jam). In the case of this CD, we have joint appearances by Jackson Browne, Elvis Costello and Rickie Lee Jones, among others including, uh...Burgess Meredith (the original "Penguin" :-), who turns is a pretty good reading of "Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil" (no, I didn't spell that wrong). Pretty good CD, not overly Christmassy, as there's only a couple of "carols" on there. On an amusing note, when I originally bought this, the clerk wouldn't give me the discount for "Christmas CDs 1/2 off!" until I pointed out the inclusion of "O Come All Ye Faithful" and "O Holy Night".

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