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*** Collage -- Basnie

One of the things deficient in the American education system, or so I was told at an early age, is that our Anglo-centric society refuses to learn foreign languages, and instead assumes that everyone else will learn English. Suitably mortified that I'd be considered a cretin by the rest of the world, I took a couple of years of German. More's the pity I didn't learn Polish, as here I am, about to underrate a pretty good album because I don't understand it. Instrumentally, this 1989 release does pretty well in the Pendragon vein of neo-progressive, even tracking a ten minute epic, "Basnie". However, in neo-prog, the vocals are so key to what the music is all about that, without a translation of what's being said, I might as well be listening to Magma. Again, Pendragon, with some Peter Nichols IQ overtones, and hey -- if you know Polish, this is probably top notch stuff!

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