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** Public Enemy -- Apocalypse 91...the Enemy Strikes Black

So much for this experiment...since I liked Rage Against the Machine so much, I grabbed two CDs from Public Enemy, whom I was led to believe was in much the same vein. Uh-uh. I guess that I want a little more music in my music. There's a couple of songs in here (tracks 4 and 14) that are okay, but the rest of it is just anti-white ranting. I guess that I could live with that if there was something else to it, but a drum that sounds like someone hitting a garbage can, Casio chord type keyboards, and the ever present wakka-wakka of the backwards turntable doesn't cut it for me. The one thing here I was looking forward to, the appearance of Anthrax on the last cut, is disappointing -- they could have phoned it in, and probably did.

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