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** Roger Waters -- Amused to Death

I've gone on record time and time again as thinking that David Gilmour was the guy that really made Pink Floyd, and I consider this album to be all the proof I need (note that I've never reviewed A Momentary Lapse of Reason :-) I asked around, and was told that this was the Waters album to get, and with the exception of a couple of tracks ("What God Wants, Part I" in particular,) this is pretty sub-par stuff and some ("Perfect Sense, Part I" in particular) is really awful. I've been on a Pink Floyd run lately, listening to the band almost exclusively, and I appreciate the impact that Waters made in that group, but I think that without the natural foil of Gilmour, he really takes it over the edge and loses me along the way. Given that he wrote pretty much all of the Wall , it's really surprising that this album is so far from the dynamics of that. I'll admit to docking this one star out of sheer disappointment, so keep that in mind.

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