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One Voice -- "Sincerely Yours"
Kamikaze Records (

"Sincerely Yours" is a healthy mix of hip-hop, dance cuts, and ballads -- all of which are executed as equal effectiveness by this Southern Cali quartet (formerly a quintet). The CD begins strong enough with "So Badd", but jumps around in quality until track 5, "Make Believe". I know it's been done to death, but rap intros on R&B tracks -- what else can I say -- it's genius.  The vocals on the ballads are strong with a good amount of range. A major flaw in the One Voice formula are the generic compositions backing their ballads and the only mediocre Beats on the R&B tracks. Still vocals harmonies have a way of refocusing your attention from the weak instrumentals and the tracks with questionably cliché lyrics.

Best Track: "Acapella Segment" is an acapella track that showcases the ladies voices. The harmonies are tight and the lyrics are remarkably better than any of the other cuts. Track 8 also deserves an honorable mention.

The Bottom Line: If you like your music heavy on the ballads, but with a definite edge, "Sincerely Yours" is for you. If not, you might want to pass this up, and spend your money on something else (I suggest the meaty P'Zone from Pizza Hut -- very tasty and you'll have some money left over).

Rating: 5.9/10
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