JVC RX-884VBK Dolby Digital Receiver

120 watts x 2 or 110 watts x 5
Dolby Digial (AC-3) decoder built-in and Dolby Pro Logic in digital processing
Digital inputs: 1 coaxial and 2 optical (assignable)
Inputs: 8 Audio, 5 Video
S-Video: 4 input/ 2 output
Gold front A/V input (with S-Video)
Line Level SUB OUT
On Screen Setup and Control

This is the Dolby Digital Receiver that I finally decided on purchasing. I first considered the Sony 915 but it doesn't have a Digital Coax input so I had to rule that one out. I also looked at a Kenwood and a Pioneer, but the JVC had the best features and styling for the money. I bought mine at ABC Warehouse for $400, (the tag said $500, but after I told them I could get it for $400 from J&R they matched the price.) It is the best priced Dolby Digital receiver I have found.

Set up was pretty easy since I just went through the book. You do have to turn on the Subwoofer, center, and rear speakers. You also have to tell the receiver which digital plug is going to what device. I also found out that once you have selected DVD you must hit a digital select button to change it to DVD DIGITAL. If not, when you press the button to change surround modes you won't get Dolby Digital as a selection. Something left out of the manual.

The receiver it self is great!! It has a built in cross over for the subwoofer if you so desire. It also has a digital equilizer. You can manually set it to your tastes for each input or use one of the pre-labeled settings. The remote is not over sized but there is a lot on it, but it is programmable with other equipment.(TV,VCR,Cable Box, but not the Sony CD Player I have)

The sound is GREAT! Very smooth and VERY clean. (Especially compared to my old Sony). Dolby Digital is just the greatest thing ever invented for movies. I put in AirForce one and I felt like I was in the gun battle. I put in The Fifth Element and I felt like I was in 23rd century traffic. It is really unbelievable how big a difference it makes in watching a movie. This is something everyone with a DVD player needs to have to really appreciate how cool it is. Not to mention showing off to friends.

In all, I have to say that I am happy with this purchase. We will have to see how it holds up to time now.

Reviewed by Aaron Schofield (dvd@bignan.com)
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