How is DVD different than VHS?
DVD-Video provides viewers with superior video images that are twice as clear as VHS videotape. DVD-Video technology uses up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution for DVD-Video, vs. 240 lines of horizontal resolution for VHS, which results in noticeably sharper pictures.

What are the storage capabilities of a DVD-Video disc?
DVD-Video discs can store up to 133 minutes of full-motion video per side on a single-layer disc. Dual-layer discs can store more than four hours, perfect for epic-length movies.

Will I be able to record?
Although DVD-Video players are not yet able to record, the industry is currently exploring ways for consumers to record using DVD-Video technology.

What are multiple aspect ratios?
Many DVD-Video titles are available in multiple aspect ratios, meaning that the movie or music video can be viewed in widescreen format -- just as it was originally seen in movie theaters -- or in a fullscreen format, which adjusts the picture to fill the entire television screen. By offering multiple aspect ratios, DVD-Video allows consumers to select their favorite format for maximum entertainment enjoyment.

How long will DVD-Video discs last without the video image degrading?
Unlike videotapes, DVD-Video discs do not deteriorate over time or wear out from excessive use. For families with small children who watch their favorite movies over and over again, the durability of DVD-Video will be a welcome sight. Likewise, music fans who enjoy repeated viewings of their favorite music videos or concert films will benefit from DVD-Video's exceptional durability.

What kind of special video features are provided by DVD-Video?
Among the most common special features of DVD-Video are movies' original trailers, interviews with directors and actors, and biographies of movie and music personalities. In addition, DVD-Video players make it easier to enjoy movies and music videos by allowing direct access to individual scenes -- no more fast forwarding or rewinding when looking for a specific scene. Some DVD-Video programs even let the viewer control camera angles, so they can select their favorite shots while watching a sports video, for example.

I have small children and want to be able to monitor what they watch. How can DVD-Video help me?
Parental control is available on DVD-Video players, allowing parents to prevent children from watching movies with certain ratings, based on special encoding on the discs. Some DVD-Video discs even come with an edited version of a movie that might be more appropriate for younger viewers.

How is the sound quality of DVD-Video better than that of VHS?
DVD-Video employs a higher sampling rate than even audio CDs, producing fuller, more textured sound.

Will I be able to play my audio CDs on a DVD player?
Yes. One of the greatest advantages of DVD-Video players is backwards compatibility -- the ability to play audio CDs. In that respect, DVD-Video players function as two types of home entertainment components.

What kind of stereo equipment is needed to enjoy DVD-Video surround sound?
The audio component of DVD-Video discs is optimized for playback on Dolby Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system. This means that it's ideally designed for a system with five speakers (three in front, and two in back) plus a subwoofer. However, DVD-Video offers superior digital sound when compared to VHS on all home entertainment systems, regardless of the number of speakers.

Does DVD-Video offer subtitles and alternate audio tracks?
DVD-Video offers up to eight alternate soundtracks, which can feature foreign language translations of movies and music videos or other special audio commentary, and up to 32 subtitles or karaoke tracks. These special audio functions make DVD-Video accessible to a broad audience and allows multilingual households to enjoy DVD movies and music videos on many different levels. In addition, the alternate soundtracks can allow directors and actors to provide a running commentary on their movies, giving consumers a unique insight to the moviemaking process.

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