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Ultimate Fighting Championship (PSOne)

UFC is just another average GBC game from Crave with a lot of good touches but lacking the polish of a good game. On one hand the characters are some of the largest ever in a GBC fighter, but on the other, there are serious design flaws that detract heavily from the game. The game allows you to transverse the 2D plane and go up and down the arena, this ability is a double edged sword, because once you move either up and down you have to move onto the exact same plane as your opponent just to hit him. The only thing that stands out through the game is the excellent graphics, but even this can't save it.

The Bottom Line: This is the worst UFC game on any system; it is an average game with above average graphics and below average gameplay. Home >> Games
SOUND: 5/10

- Great graphics, huge character sprites.

- It is hard to hit your opponent when you move from the 2D plane.

- A good diversion for those who like good looking games that don't involve thinking or skill.

FUN: 4/10

OVERALL: 5.2/10