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Simpson's Wrestling (PSOne)

This one is going to be special. The beautifully drawn and rendered title screen appears. Championship mode just got selected and I'm going in head first. The first stop, character selection. I take note that almost everyone is there with a few notable absences: Mr. Burns, Moe, and Flanders. Don't worry I tell myself, I guess they're secret characters. I select Barney Gumble and start the fight. Much to the dismay of my impressionable eyes, I am greeted by an eyesore of a game. Its really gone downhill from the title screen I thought to myself.

Except for the name, this game shares no similarities with wrestling whatsoever. Yes, there might be ropes around the sides of the ring but that's about it. Then again, I guess a name like "Simpsons Fighting" would take away from the mystique, if there is any mystique with this game.

Simpsons Wrestling is a game that grows on you. Well, I should put a condition on that. Simpsons Wrestling is a game that grows on you if you're a Simpsons fan. Between the witty banter at the beginning of the fights, the hilarious color commentary and attacks, and the plain fact that you're fighting as a character in the Simpsons, it really starts to grow on you. On to the gameplay...

I can understand the degenerates, and those more prone to violence in Springfield included in the game, but Marge and Lisa have no place in senseless fight like this, and it shows. Lisa's attacks are the standard punch/kick, an attack where she latches onto her opponent and bites, and another move that involves her saxophone, and I don't even know what that one does. As for Marge, she uses Maggie as a weapon turning her loose on you much like one would do with a do with a dog. Now I'm not sure, but if you don't call that child abuse I don't know what is.

Most of the character models are truly ugly. Few, with exception of Homer and Groundskeeper Wille look like they should. Their faces, models and textures are way off which leave most of the Springfielders with overbites, spastic limbs, and looking like they got beaten with the ugly crowbar. The drawings on the character selection screen are even worse. They look like the work of a third grader who just checked out a "How to Draw the Simpsons" library book. They were obviously not drawn by or even drawn under the supervision of Matt Groening.

Some games are not as much frustratingly bad as they are painful to play. Simpson's Wrestling isn't one of them. Its generic, lackluster gameplay is supplemented by its humor, and the fact that you are playing as the Simpsons makes multiplayer a blast and a half. Though I realize that I might be biased.

The Bottom Line: The game is awful, there's no doubt about that, but at least it's entertainingly bad.

SOUND: 8.5/10 (As a Simpsons fan)
SOUND: 4/10 (Not a fan)
- Simpson's would have received a better rating if it wasn't for the music. Luckily, it plays so softly you almost cant hear it. The voice overs and color commentary are great though.

GRAPHICS: 4.5/10
- The character models are awfully ugly, the textures are just adequate, and the drawings for the character selection screen look like they're from a coloring book.

- Downside: only four moves and a throw per character. Upside: that should make the moves easier to do. Downside: it doesn't. Also, most of the gameplay involves button mashing.

- There aren't any exciting modes to play. There also isn't much to work for.

FUN: 8/10 (As a Simpsons fan)
FUN: 3/10 (Not a Simpson fan)
- The game doesn't bring anything to the genre, it's not that good looking, and it doesn't even control that well, but I can say that it's fun. If you're a Simpsons fan, you might want to check it out, if you're not, BEWARE.

OVERALL: 5.4/10 (Fan)
OVERALL: 3.5/10 (Not a fan)
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